Overfed and Undernourished?

It is common today for Americans to surpass their daily calorie requirements, but not meet their daily requirements for nutrients.  That explains why so many of us are turning out to be overweight, but undernourished.  Like cattle, we need a balanced diet that includes the five nutrient groups: protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins & minerals, and water.  Notice I didn’t mention fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, etc.  We don’t need any of them as such.  We need them for their nutritional values. 

We should take a lesson from Beef Cattle Nutritionists.  Most of them have PhD’s in the field of nutrition and know more about what it takes to keep animals healthy than we know about our own health.  When they create a balanced diet for their clients (the cattle) they look at the nutritional content of the various feed components and then balance a diet based on meeting the animal’s requirements. It’s not how much hay they eat, it’s about the nutrient values in the hay that determines how much they need to eat.  It’s a good idea to start looking at the food you consume from a nutritional perspective, not a calorie count.  

The chart shows the protein content of beef compared to other common foods.  There is more than just calorie difference between these value for 25grams of protein.  Consider this fact: all proteins are not equal.  A complete protein is one that has all of the essential amino acids required for optimum health.  Protein from meats are complete proteins, plant proteins, with the exception of legumes,  are not. For this reason, the American Medical Association has issued warnings against raising children as vegetarians.  Growing animals and children, have higher complete protein requirements than mature animals and adults.  It is critically important for optimum health that they consume adequate amounts of complete proteins.  You can see that in order to consume 25grams of protein, beef offers a huge savings in calorie intake.  And remember,  it is a complete protein.  This makes a good case that we need to rethink the way we look at food and start evaluating the nutritional value and then consider calorie values.

It isn’t easy to balance a diet, most of us eat what we like or have been told we should eat.  Let’s eat to be healthy.  Take time to study nutrition. It’s a crime in a country that has such abundance for so many of us to be overweight and undernourished.  Beef protein is good for you. Order up and enjoy it guilt free while you eat to be healthy!